B i o g r a p h y

Fahima Fattah is an artist whose vibrant and colorful paintings bring her artistic expression to life. She has a deep belief in the inherent beauty of women, and her artwork often portrays them as majestic as palm trees, symbolizing their glory and strength. Her inspiration is drawn from her surroundings, particularly tribal women, villagers, and the serene presence of palm trees. From a young age, Fahima displayed exceptional talent in painting, which was recognized and encouraged by her school teachers and family members. This early recognition motivated her to further develop her skills. She pursued her passion diligently by attending numerous art courses and workshops, combining self-taught expertise with formal art education. Since 2005, Fahima’s artwork has been showcased in prestigious galleries across Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada. Her captivating paintings have even found a place of distinction in international hotels like the renowned St. Regis Abu Dhabi. Her talent and artistic creations have been acknowledged and celebrated by the Dubai Media, which has covered her works on multiple occasions.

R e s u m e


  • 2023 Artist project Toronto Contemporary art fair booth # 902
  • 2022 Group exhibition Massy Hall Toronto 2022
  • 2020 Artist project Toronto Contemporary art fair booth # 232.
  • 2019 April, 2019 ARTA Gallery Toronto Distillery District group exhibition “Spring Moments”
  • 2019 Feb, Artist Project Toronto contemporary art fair booth # 541
  • 2018 Artist Project Toronto contemporary art fair booth # 704
  • 2017 Areej Art Gallery Toronto, full of hope, group exhibition
  • 2017 Artist project Toronto contemporary art fair booth # 739
  • 2016 Dubai Art Fans Exhibition in Palace Unesco – Beirut spreading the message of peace to the world through art under the patronage of the Minister of Culture of Lebanon Mr. Remon Areiji.
  • 2016 Art Competition and Exhibition for the International Women’s Day in Art plus Gallery Dubai (EVA 2) (granted second price).
  • 2016 International Art Exhibition in World Art Dubai 2016 (Dubai World Trade Centre).
  • 2016 Dubai Art Fans Exhibition in International Design Exhibition (INDEX 2016).
  • 2015 Group Art Exhibition and Fashion Show (Expression) in Art Plus Gallery Dubai.
  • 2015 the International Theater for Emirates Writers Union / Abu Dhabi
  • 2015 Marsam Matter- Dubai (Noun Al Neswa) 4th edition
  • 2015 Art’s group exhibition Under the patronage and presence of H.E Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi minister of International Cooperation and Development (International women’s day 2015) in Rotana Hotel Abu Dhabi
  • 2015 Under the patronage of Sheikh Mubarak al Nahyan (Chairty art auction Artist for kids of Syria Held at Grand Hyatt Dubai) Jun 2015 organized by Fann- A- porter Gallery) my painting lot 081 (sold in Auction)
  • 2015 World Art Dubai 2015 (Dubai World Trade Centre)-participated with fifteen (15) art works
  • 2015 Art Plus Gallery (Eve 1)
  • 2014 Emirates Fine Arts Society- Sharjah- Art area.
  • 2014 The Space Abu Dhabi (exhibition curated by sumayyah Al Suwaidi)
  • 2014 Marsam Matter- Dubai (Noun Al Neswa) 3rd
  • 2014 Art Plus gallery- Dubai (Horizons).
  • 2013 Ghaf Art gallery- Abu Dhabi (exhibition curated by sumayyah Al Suwaidi)
  • 2013 Court yard Gallery- Dubai (women in Art VIII).
  • 2013 Court yard Gallery- Dubai (women in Art IX).
  • 2012 National theater Abu Dhabi (by Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage) ( Colors)
  • 2012 Al Qatara Art Center – Al Ain for the international day UAE.
  • 2012 Arjun Art Gallery- Abu Dhabi (colors).
  • 2012 Ghaf Art gallery- Abu Dhabi (exhibition curated by sumayyah Al Suwaidi)
  • 2011 Women’s Art Exhibition (Noon Al Nuswa) 2nd edition in Marsam Matter Gallery- Dubai.
  • 2011 Ramadan Art Exhibition in Ghaf Art Gallery- Abu Dhabi.
  • 2010 Art exhibition (Us=نحن) in Qibab Art Gallery by a group of 31 Iraqi Artist- Abu Dhabi.
  • 2010 Express yourself 30”x30” in Ghaf Art Gallery by a group of 50 International Artist-Abu Dhabi.
  • 2009 Arjun Art Gallery (The Beauty of Statures & Flowers)-Abu Dhabi.
  • 2009 (Palms of Baghdad) in Qibab Art Gallery – Abu Dhabi.
  • 2009 Participated in the International Heritage Day Exhibition introduced by Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage.
  • 2005-2009 Art Courses and daily workshop in Abu Dhabi culture & Heritage
  • 1996-2005 Art courses and workshop with Mr.Rafa’AL Nasiri (Iraqi Pioneer Artist) and Rashid Dyab (Sudanese Pioneer artist) in- Amman, Jordan and Canada.


  • 2010-2011 L’atelier des Arts-Gallery – Art teacher for Children age 7-12 years old- Abu Dhabi.
  • 2010 Worked as a teacher (children Painting) at Abu Dhabi ladies club.
  • 1996-2005 Apple Wood School – Art teacher for children age 5-7 years old-Toronto Canada.


  • Regis Hotel Cornish Abu Dhabi – VIP welcoming room (2 Paintings).
  • Regulation and Supervision Bureau Abu Dhabi- Head office (5 paintings).


  • Several media interviews  in Arabic channels (MBC-ROTANA-ABU DHABI TV) 2011-2014-2015